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Embroidery Screen Printing Pad Printing Pad Printing

Used as the best quality branding alternative on clothing, caps and any other soft material such as sports bags. We take a design supplied in jpg file and ‘digitize’ it into a format that is recognized by the embroidery machine. Digitizing is a skilled art that will give you different outcomes sing different uppliers. Embroidery costs vary with 'stitch count'
(which increases with size).

The cheapest form of printing on clothing. When considering screen printing on clothing, please note that there are limitations in reproducing fine detail and colour registration because we are printing on flexible, coarse weave material. Sometimes logos must be simplified or altered to give better registration, and if this is the case you will be advised by Email or phone. Plastisol transfer is used when detail is too fine for screen printing.

Pad printing transfers a 2-D image onto a 3-D object.
Used for printing on to small promotional products like pens, key-rings, stress items, rulers, calculators, golf balls etc.
If right ink used, very durable,
scratch resistant.
Could be expensive if printed in multi colour on small runs.

Heat transfer decorating is a form of product decorating that uses heat, time (dwell), and pressure to apply a pre-printed graphic to a part or product. Being digital, transfers
are multi-color and photo quality.
The digital printing process is capable of hitting over 10,000,000 colors.
Digital heat transfers from are bringing the advantages of digital transfer technology to an increasing percentage of the product decorating industry.


There are several ways to brand promotional gifts dependent upon the type of gift and its component material. The most common randing options including embroidery screen or pad printing. When choosing the product please give some thought as to the actual print area and its location. For many products more than one position can be an option.Your imprint should be designed to be clearly legible and could contain any one or more of the following items: Company logo,contact telephone number, emailaddress, website URL, company name and marketing message.